Tuesday, 15 November 2011

My Beautiful Place

Far beyond the edge of the world is my beautiful place....My beautiful place is a golden palace with bright golden statues with pots of gold next to it. Outside my house was a yellow Lamborghini in the garage with some other cool cars of mine.

I could hear the squawking of my eagle from the back of my house. My pet animal is half rhino and half eagle. At night we could sometimes hear the noise of my annoying eagle.

My waitress smells and looks as gorgeous as a flower.My waitress makes one of the most delightful brownies in the entire world. The brownies are perfectly cooked.

I always ride on my unicorn around my house.My unicorn is as fury as a panda and a polar bear. I can feel the soft fur between my finger tips. My wardrobe has over a thousand items of clothing in it. My bed is as big as a elephant’s body. I like my bed so much because my bed is magnetic.

I smell the richness of my beautiful blossom berries from my berry bush. I could also smell the richness of the tendering flowers.

I hope you liked my story thank you for reading about my beautiful place .

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Ireland Information Report

Ireland Information Report

Are you aware that vikings found the capital of Ireland? The name of this capital city is called Dublin.

Did you know that they eat all different kinds of potato mixtures. They also eat corned beef. I didn’t know that they eat pizza and pasta.

Brian O’ Driscoll is the captain of the Ireland rugby union team.Brian O’Gara is the first five for Ireland. They are famous because they represent their country in the Rugby World Cup.

Are you aware that there is a Dublin Zoo in Ireland and they also do different kinds of dancing and like to sing.

Did you know that Ireland people believe in Leprechauns and are you aware that there are four leaf clovers that bring good luck to Irish people.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Describing Piri Weepu

It was windy as I looked out from the stadium to see Piri Weepu leading the haka so good. He was screaming,shouting and roaring like a lion.

I could hear the slaps on his lap and chest. You could hear the terrifying pukana from up in the top of the stadium. We love how we see how fast he runs with the ball and zooming past the opposition players as they try to tackle him but can’t because he is to fast.

His shirt number is number 9 and he is a fast and athletic player. He deserves to be in the All Blacks and be in the Rugby World Cup this year in 2011.

He is a good ambassador to me because he shows pride in himself and respects his cultural religion. He cares about his family and also cares and loves his audience and his team mates.

He is a very, very good person and I know he is going to be a brave warrior that not only loves his family but who loves his fans too.He uses eye contact when he is leading and being a part of the haka.

He roared like a lion! He ran like a cheetah! He tackled like a bull!
Piri Weepu sprinted with a white rugby ball running towards the white sprayed line under the goal post. It was the last ten seconds before try time! He screamed and screeched. It was the best game of his career.